Residency Program

Internal Medicine / ID (PGY2)


The Internal Medicine/Infectious Disease/Academics PGY2 Residency is sponsored by The Campbell University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences with support from the Division of Infectious Diseases and Department of Pharmacy, Duke University Health System. 

The primary objective of this specialty residency program is to prepare role-model practitioners/educators for entry into academic clinical pharmacy practice positions.  A major focus on this program will be to prepare the resident to function effectively as a clinical faculty member by emphasizing patient care, service, teaching (clinical & didactic), scholarly activity, and research.  After completion of this residency, the graduate will be capable of; establishing a practice site in internal medicine/infectious diseases, establish a teaching service for pharmacy students and residents, preparing and presenting didactic lectures and seminars and conducting scholarly research activity.  Through participation in the program components of clinical practice, teaching, didactic course work, experiential training, and clinical research over a one-year period, the Resident will have the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to assume a clinical faculty position within a school of pharmacy. 

For more information and application materials, please refer to the Campbell website.


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