Duke University Hospital Pharmacy Internship Program

Program Goal

To provide employed student pharmacists with a structured program that prepares graduates for successful entry into a variety of pharmacy practice settings

Program Descriptions

Internship Program P1 - P4

  • Opportunity to work and learn in a variety of operational settings, which include Inpatient Operations, Continuity of Care, Pediatric Satellite, and Community Pharmacies
  • Quarterly intern program meetings
    • Examples of meeting activities include: topic discussions, article reviews, journal clubs, and presentations by guest speakers
  • Shadowing opportunities (IDS, Pediatrics, OR, and Clinical and Patient Care Services)

Clinical Internship Program – P4

  • Two positions available for select P4 student pharmacists
  • Flexible work/clinician training opportunities
  • Opportunities to perform advanced tasks and work closely with clinical pharmacists
  • Enhance abilities to educate patients and sharpen clinical skills
  • Must have proven track record of attendance and performance to be considered

Clinical Internship Program Description

Two fourth year students will be selected each year to participate in the Duke University Hospital Clinical Internship Program. The Clinical Internship Program will be specifically designed to complement advanced pharmacy practice experiences. The program is structured to provide its participants with a variety of in depth clinical experiences. Clinical interns will be allowed to practice at a level commensurate to that of a soon-to-be practicing pharmacist, but under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. This includes, but is not limited to: serving as a drug information resource, collecting medication histories and performing medication reconciliations, pharmacokinetic dosing and monitoring, counseling of patients, and recommending medication dosage adjustments

Participation in the Internship Program

  • Interns must currently be enrolled in an ACPE accredited Doctorate of Pharmacy program in a College of Pharmacy.
  • Students in their P1 - P4 years of pharmacy school are eligible to be in the pharmacy internship program.
  • To become a Duke Pharmacy Intern, students must apply and work part time or full time longitudinally throughout the year in one of Duke University Hospital's pharmacy areas.
  • There is no concentrated summer internship program at this time; experiences are offered longitudinally.

How to Apply

Program Contact

Krishna Shah, PharmD, MBA

PGY2 Health-System Pharmacy Administration & Leadership Resident