Paid Time Off (PTO)

Residents accrue 35 paid time off (PTO) days during the 12 month program.  Fifteen days of PTO may be used for scheduled personal leave. The remaining PTO is available for illness, attendance at professional meetings and interviews. Residents receive payment for unused PTO at the completion of the residency program and departure from Duke.

Health Benefits

Health coverage for you and your immediate family is available through optional Duke Health Care Plans.


Each resident is provided with an alpha-numeric pager.

On-Call Services

No formal in-house call is required; however rotations are associated with after hours service responsibility.

Office Space

Office space is provided for the residents in the South Pharmacy area. Located within the office are a copier, fax machine, printers, telephone with voice mail, and refrigerator.

Computer Services

The Department of Pharmacy is connected by a computer network allowing access to many different software and database programs. Residents are provided notebook computers.

Library Facilities

Residents have check-out and copier privileges at the Medical Center Library located on the Medical Center campus. The library also provides on-line access to numerous journals.