Overview of services:

Aaron Will
Aaron Will, Pharm.D., BCPS, Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer

The Clinical and Patient Care Services Division (CPCS) of the Department of Pharmacy comprises all inpatient medical and surgical areas and their related sub-specialties. The pharmacy practice model employed within CPCS is an integrated practice model for all adult patient care areas. Specialized, population-based pharmacy services provided include those related to Nutrition Support, Anticoagulation, and Transplantation, as well as specialized services for all adult Intensive Care units. Computerized physician-order entry (CPOE) review and verification are performed 24-hours a day for adult inpatients patient care areas in the Medication Management Center.  Clinical pharmacists participate in daily patient care rounds for many medical and surgical services and are involved in targeted admission and discharge medication reconciliation services.  All pharmacists maintain competency to provide pharmacotherapy services to adult and geriatric patients. Clinical pharmacists are also active on unit-based, departmental, hospital-wide, and health-system-based committees, including those focused on quality improvement, information systems, medication policy, and medication safety.

The Continuity of Care (COC) team of the Department of Pharmacy is comprised of nationally certified pharmacy technicians who complete admission medication histories for patients admitted to Duke University Hospital (DUH). This advanced group of pharmacy technicians utilizes high level communication skills to complete best practice medication histories in the Emergency Department and patient care floors for pediatric and adult patients. This group works collaboratively with the clinical pharmacists to help address medication safety concerns for patients. These services are available 7 days a week. This team also has pharmacy technicians that complete medication histories for patients prior to their pre-operative appointments in the pre-anesthesia testing clinic.