Overview of services:

Rebecca Richmond
Rebecca Richmond, Pharm.D., BCPS
Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer

Central Pharmacy Services is composed of three separate operating departments inclusive of the Duke Compounding Pharmacy, Perioperative Pharmacy Services, and Pharmacy Procurement, Repackaging, and Distribution. The Duke Compounding Pharmacy prepares Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSPs) in compliance with the United States Pharmacopeia – National Formulary compounding standards. Furthermore, Duke Compounding Pharmacy also supports the organizational mission in supporting patient safety by preparing medications in the most ready to use medication packages when possible. Perioperative Pharmacy serves the pre-, intra-, and postoperative patients by providing highly specialized clinical and technical pharmacy services to enhance surgery outcomes. They support this goal by collaborating with surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, nurses, and other ancillary staff to deliver patient centered care by utilizing medications in a safe and cost effective manner. Pharmacy Procurement, Repackaging, and Distribution services provide logistical support by purchasing and distributing medications to DUH Pharmacies and Clinics. The department uses highly innovative inventory management systems and technology to organize and manage the supply chain efficiently.