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Ambulatory Pharmacy Services

Overview of services:

Udobi Campbell, Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer
Udobi Campbell, Pharm.D., MBA
Associate Chief Pharmacy Officer

The following represent the major Ambulatory Pharmacy presence at Duke University Hospital and the primary patient populations served within each area:

  • Morris Pharmacy
    o Non-Oncology Infusion Center
    o Duke Hospital Based Clinics
  • Duke Cancer Center Infusion Pharmacy
    o Oncology Treatment Center
    o Oncology Clinics
    o Radiation Oncology
  • North Pavilion
    o Ambulatory Surgery Center
    o Outpatient Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Duke Cancer Center Specialty Pharmacy
    o Duke Cancer Center patients
    o Transplant patients
    o Duke employees
  • Duke Outpatient Pharmacy
    o Duke Hospital Based Clinic patients
    o Duke employees
    o Discharged patients
    o Duke University Students
  • Children's Health Center (CHC) Retail Pharmacy
    o CHC patients
    o Duke employees
    o Discharged patients
  • Patient Assistance Program
    o Patient prescription enrollment for most Duke Hospital Based Clinics
    o IV Drug Replacement for Morris Oncology Treatment Center and Non-Oncology Infusion Center patients
  • Clinic Pharmacists
    o Oncology Clinics (Breast, Brain Tumor, HOA, GU, Sarcoma, BMT, Thoracic)
    o Duke Outpatient Clinic
    o Duke Family Medicine Clinic
    o Anticoagulation Clinic (2B2C)
    o Oncology Treatment Center
    o Infectious Disease Clinic
    o Thoracic Transplant Clinic


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